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What is Hospitality Management? - Eligibility, Career, Course & Salary

28 May, 2024 | By Frankfinn
What is Hospitality Management?

When asking the question what hospitality management is, the explanation is not that complex. Hospitality Management specializes in providing exceptional services and profound experiences to guests catering to various sectors. These sectors include hotels, restaurants, tourism, and more.

The management includes ensuring that the guest's needs are met to their satisfaction, the operations are executed precisely, and high standards are maintained. The industry is diverse with numerous opportunities for career growth and innovations. It is the Hospitality management individuals and staff that are responsible for creating memorable moments and unforgettable experiences for the visitors.

What is Hospitality Management?

Hospitality Management course is a planned training program that imparts comprehensive knowledge in the areas of operations management, customer services, and relationship management to the students. When understanding what is a hospitality management course, it is best to highlight that the knowledge inculcated is not sector-specific, but is rather generalized to cover all areas in hotels, restaurants, shops, tourism, and more.

The hospitality industry is vast and diverse where students are taught to navigate the landscape after developing crucial skills such as leadership, conduct, personality shaping, and hands-on training in services. Completing this course allows the students to choose the sector under the hospitality industry, where they wish to pursue their careers.

Hospitality Management - Duties and Responsibilities

There are situations where students wish to understand what hospitality is. Hospitality is a term defined to explain the duties of the service provider, which involve helping guests in a particular sector in any way.

What are the hospitality duties and responsibilities that encompass services provisioning?

  • Restaurants : The places inviting foodies and dining-out crowds for tempting delicacies require management and serving staff to care about the provisions and guests. The duties include overseeing the servicing of food and beverages, quality checks, conversing with the guests, and managing basic provisions.
  • Hotels : Hotels invite tourists and out-stationed business personnel to rest and recuperate. This requires a lot of staff for varying duties such as managing staff and personnel, handling guest enquiries and issues, maintaining guest necessities, and taking care of the establishment.
  • Events : The management of large-scale or small-scale events, such as functions, requires lots of personnel at hand to ensure steady service delivery to guests, handle the operations and liaise with clients, check logistics and manage provisions.

There may be many other duties that are encompassed under hospitality duties and responsibilities. It is necessary to ensure that we can deliver subpar customer satisfaction and excellent services, maintain standards, and ensure optimal efficiency in operations management. Through the hospitality management course, this is what we, at Frankfinn, aim to train the students to achieve.

Why Should You Enroll in a Hospitality Management Course?


Hospitality management course opens up numerous doors for the aspirants looking to take it up as a career option, from hotel management, and event planning, to food services, tourism, and more ensuring a fulfilling future.


With the growth of the tourism industry and expanded events, there is a need for more reliable and capable hospitality staff. Due to extensive market demand, this opportunity has opened up innumerable doors for career growth. The demands must be met, which is possible when more students enroll in the course.


The hospitality management course and curriculum are designed to provide exposure to real situations through a hands-on approach and training. This ensures a greater success rate for the students in their careers.


The skills required primarily to succeed in hospitality management include communication, customer service, problem-solving, leadership, and positive conduct. These skills are universal and transferable in various settings and industries making the individual a versatile career prospect.


Hospitality management students have the greatest opportunity to interact with industry professionals, take active part in industry-specific events, learn in real settings, and gain a strong network of contacts for career enhancement and job prospects.


The course instills the basic and professional skills needed for interpersonal communication and positive conduct. These qualities include adaptability, awareness, cultural exposure, resilience, and work ethics that make you a better individual capable of encountering any situation.

Want to Become Hospitality Manager? Enroll Now

Career Opportunities in Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management offers a wide range of career opportunities across various sectors such as restaurants, events management, hotels, tourism and more. Some common job roles that open up opportunities in the field are:

  • Hotel Manager
    1. Hotel operations
    2. Guest management services
    3. Staff management
    4. Facility maintenance
  • Restaurant Manager
    1. Daily operations
    2. Staffing
    3. Customer service
    4. Food standard maintenance
    5. Financial management
  • Event management and planning
    1. Planning of events
    2. Event coordination
    3. Customer service
    4. Event-specific arrangements such as for weddings, conferences, businesses
  • Travel planner
    1. Travel planning and organizing
    2. Booking and accommodations
    3. Transportation planning
    4. Activities planning
  • Resort Manager
    1. Management of facilities
    2. Checking amenities
    3. Guest services
    4. Ensuring entertainment inclusions
  • Difference Between Hotel Management and Hospitality Management?

    People often confuse Hospitality management with hotel management. While hotel management is a part of the hospitality sector, hospitality is the focus here. There are some differences between hotel management and hospitality management.

    Hotel Management Hospitality Management
    Scope Efficient operation and management of hotel services and facilities. Includes operations of broader spectrum including hotels, restaurants, travel, events, and more.
    Focus Encompasses every day operations and daily necessities for the guests from housekeeping to food and provisions. The inclusions span across various categories and whatever provisions are involved in them.
    Career Specific degree from hotel management is preferred.  Generalized hospitality Management degree covers prospects to many other sectors apart from hotels.
    Curriculum Specialized courses that focus on operations within the hotel. The operations training involved in the courses are generalized to cover all aspects within the industry.
    Skills Every minor operation from front desk management to daily processes require a specialized skill set.  A broader set of skill sets are included that encompasses everything from leadership to problem solving, customer service, and staff management.

    Hospitality Management Salary Range

    Depending on the roles, job description, location, and category, the hospitality management salary differs.There are three levels for the division of salaries.

    • Entry-level : This includes restaurant servers and front-desk individuals starting at minimum wages.
    • Mid-level : These include planners and managers with approximate hospitality manager salary between 33,40,460 INR to 58,45,805 INR annually.
    • Senior-level : For the management level, such as general managers and directors, can demand up to 83,51,150 INR annually.

    Other factors that play a vital role in the influencing of salaries include employer's prestige, institution's size, education level, and certifications in the professional arena.

    Eligibility Criteria For Enrolling into a Hospitality Management Course?

    The essential criteria for eligibility for the hospitality management course includes a high school diploma or any equivalent education. If you have a passion for the hospitality industry, then Frankfinn's hospitality Management course is for you as our training courses are the best in the industry.

    How to Get Started in Hospitality Management?

    • You can begin with researching the right programs and courses that align with your aspirations. And, for that, you don't need to look further as we, at Frankfinn, have the best hospitality management program for the aspirants.
    • Finalize your specifications in the industry so that you can streamline your goals.
    • Look for internship opportunities to get the feel of the arena and to gain real-life world experience.
    • Consider and look for courses that help you get the right certifications to boost your career standings.


    We have looked so far at hospitality management, which is a sector that has wide prospects to take your career to the highest point. What you need to nurture is the passion to achieve your goals.

    Find your calling and immerse yourself in the world of operations management. Gain insights into the industries, not just one but many, in the hospitality sector.

    If you have your mind set, goals aligned, and passions focussed, hop onto Frankfinn's hospitality management program to take you towards success.


    1 Is hospitality management a good career?

    It is a remarkable career that builds self-confidence and develops personality traits in an individual. Gaining the skill set from this industry is like gaining the basic skills for every opportunity in the world.

    This depends on an individual's aspirations and requirements. The best job in this industry would be the one that aligns with your interests and skills.

    The senior-levels, managers, directors, and hospitality executive job salaries are the highest in the industry capped at 1,67,03,180 INR annually.

    Frankfinn's Hospitality Management Course in India is promising and has seen many successful individuals till date. You can enquire about the course today by contacting us.

    Hospitality manager salary in India is between Rs.40,000, to Rs.1,50,000 monthly This does not include bonuses and incentives.


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