Frankfinn Certificate Course in

Hospitality Management


6 Months

Study 3 days/week for 2 hours/day

12th Pass

See prerequesties in detail
Age qualification

17 to 24 years


Why take this Frankfinn Course?

The Hospitality Industry has now become a source of huge employment generation, in India. Many new International hotel chains have entered the Indian hospitality sector, and the existing hotel chains are expanding their operations to many new locations. This has generated the requirement for trained professionals in the industry.
This 6 months course [Part Time 2 hrs a day, 3 days a week], prepares the student for a career in the booming Hospitality industry. The course covers sessions on conversational English, professional Grooming, and Hospitality and also prepares you for facing interviews. The sessions in English help the student to converse in English language, confidently. The knowledge required to get an employment in the various divisions of the Hospitality industry, is provided in detail with a number of practical sessions. The students also learn the widely used Computerised Reservation System (CRS), in a fully equipped computer lab in the centre.


Indian aviation market size



Placements in 2017


Hiring partners onboard

1.7 lac+

Highest monthly CTC offered

What you’ll learn

1 Effective Communication Skills

With English being the most spoken language in the world, it is absolutely vital to learn the language in order to have a successful career in Hospitality industry. This course is primarily designed to help each Frankfinn student communicate effectively in the English language at work. Each lesson in this course is extremely interactive. Students are able to constantly practice their language skills and also learn about key aspects of correct and effective communication.

21 Days

The course trains the student on the grooming skills required in the hospitality industry. Topics that are covered here include skin and hair care, western and traditional attires, and basic grooming practices, dental care, professional make-up techniques etc. The important art of walking impressionably and following certain social etiquettes are also covered.

5 Days

The module trains the student on the skills required in the hospitality industry. The topics covered in this course include handling guest arrivals along with check-ins, checkouts, and modes of payment settlements. Students will also be trained on a popular and versatile Computerised Reservation System,that is used by hospitality organisations worldwide.

50 Days

As the name suggests, this course prepares the student for successfully facing even the toughest interviews in the hospitality industry. Mock interviews are conducted during the course. Students are prepared to answer all the questions that can be put to them in the interviews. Besides, the Frankfinn trainers will also share knowledge for preparing the perfect resume and covering letters.

2 Days

Pre - requisites

  • 12th pass (Or result awaited), Undergraduate/Graduate
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Unmarried/Married/Divorced
  • Age 17 to 24 years

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Our Vision

“To become one of the top five companies in the Aviation and Entertainment Industries. To achieve this vision, the company is contemplating major expansions and diversifications. We plan to start a regional airline by the name of ‘Air Frankfinn’.”

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1. How do I know which course to take?

Don’t worry. Please share your details with us and a Frankfinn counsellor will help you select the course that works best for you!

Sure. Frankfinn has well qualified student-counsellors who provide the guidance that Is appropriate for you!

Frankfinn provides the required course material which is developed by industry experts.
The course books are easy to understand. They are complete and comprehensive with the required knowledge of the related industry.

Placement drives are conducted frequently. The team at Frankfinn contacts the students and prepares them for Placement, as soon as they become eligible for the same.

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